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Tribe Star


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Zandra is played by Amy Morrison.

Zandra was first seen in the tribe at a meeting between her, Lex, Ryan and Glen and the Loco's. She is into fashion and style, she misses the old days, but still manages to look her best.

She doesn't like to be mucked around by people, especially guys. She married Lex in a bid to make things better. She than got pregnant but died, along with her unborn baby in an explosion on Eagle Mountain at the beginning of series 2.

Zandra's hobbie was making herself look presentable and for her to have style. She also enjoyed to show her romantic side to Lex.

Zandra's strenght are her hobbies as she always had style. She also became forgiveful as she forgave Lex on many occasions. Zandra's weakness was saying things at the wrong time as on occasions she left many Mall Rats upset.

Amy Morrison, the actress who plays Zandra loves going out with her friends.

She likes to go to the cinema and go shopping. Amy is also sporty and like to play hockey. Amy has been in many television commercials and has also been in the film The Joker. Amy had a main role an episode of cloud 9's William Shanters Twist in the tale