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Tribe Star
Who's Who (A-E)

This Page Includes All The Info You Need On The Most Popular Characters From The Tribe


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ALICE (Vanessa Stacey)

Alice came to the Mall Rats with her younger sister Ellie as Tai-San's body guard. She used to fancy Lex and has a very fierce and hot-temper. She was in charge of the farm until she left for the city.


BRAY (Dwayne Cameron)

Bray is the leading 'man' of the Mall Rats. He is well respected although at times he can be a little unpredicatble. He is the one who breaks everybodys hearts.


ELLIE (Jennyfer Jewell)

Ellie is Alice's younger sister. She used to work on the farm but felt she belonged in city life. She fell in love with Jack and has a sweet but stubborn personality.


AMBER (Beth Allen)

Amber is an inspirational leader. She came through the aftermath of the virus and led the Mall Rats. After Eagle Mountain she became the respected leader of the Eco Tribe.

Amber is played by Beth Allen.


CLOE (Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu)

Cloe is sweet and sensitive. She is Patsy's best friend. She is one of the 'younger kids' but is very useful.


EBONY (Meryl Cassie)

Ebony was the leader of the Locos after Zoot. She is a born leader and has had many famous speeches. She always fights for what she wants and usually gets it!

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