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Tribe Star


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Ryan is played by Ryan Runciman.

When Ryan first came into the tribe he always did whatever Lex said, and he also had a thing for Zandra. When Ryan realised Zandra's heart was with Lex, he gave up.

But soon realised his feelings for Salene. Ryan helped Salene fight against her bulimia, then in series 2, they got married.

Ryan attacked the Guardian in series 3 when he found out a pregnant Salene would have to give their baby up to Zoot!

He was then sent away, and has never been seen since. Bray was told by Pony Joe whereabouts of Ryan, then Salene left the Mall to search for him. Hopefully the two of them will be back for series 4!

Ryan spends a lot of his time protecting Salene, and also Patsy and Cloe.

He also spends a lot of his time on guard duty. Ryan always tries his best to look after his fellow tribe friends, using a bit of muscle. advantage. This was shown when Tribe Circus attacked in series 1.

Ryan Runciman, the actor who plays Ryan has had many roles in films, tv commercials and some tv programmes. Ryan also had a part in the Willaims Shatners Twist in the Tale .