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Tribe Star

All the info on Amber/Eagle


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Amber/Eagle is played by Beth Allen

Amber is the one with all the motherly instincts in The Tribe. She was one of the first Mall Rats and run for leader. Most people, especially the younger children, look up to her as a motherly figure. When the virus came along again she was one of the ones who went to the laboratory on the Island and she was the one who calmed Dal down.

She then went to Eagle mountain with the rest of the MallRats but there was an explosion in which everyone thought she had died.

A while later Bray, Dal, Lex and Ebony found her again as Eagle - leader of the Gaians or the Eco-Tribe as they are better known. After a lot of persuading by Bray she decided to come back to the city and be the leader of the Mall Rats.

After this she became pregnannt with Bray's child.




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