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The Tribe is back and although I know that some of you are unhappy with it keep watching because the story is sure to hotten up!



These are all rumours so don't blame me if they don't come true - but i can guarantee there is some truth in them.1.

1.The Gulls, led by Jet, are to make a return to the series. No one knows what the are goin to do but something may happen between them and Pride.

2. Cloe and Ved get together.

3. Ebony falls in love with Jay, but marries Ram in order to get into power.

4. Both May and Tai-San will return at some point - Michelle Ang has been pictured wearing Techno gear.

5. Java and Siva will turn out to be Ebony's long lost sisters.

6.Lex will have an affair with Siva.

7. Future characters joining the Mall Rats will be Sammy (Lucas Hayward) and Patch (Morgan Palmer-Hubbard). Lucas Hayward was the kid Lex grabbed hold of at the beginning of episode one.

8. Salene and Pride will get together, and there's a possibility of Ryan returning towards the end of the series.

9. Lex, May and possibly other Mall Rats too, will be forced to take part in various Techno VR games. These will range from gladiator battles to treasure quests.

10. Java and Siva were once members of the Locos before being banished by their sister Ebony. When they meet her again, they only have one thing on their mind; revenge!


I have herad a rumour that Tribe Box Sets are in the maiing - wouldnt this be great

Lets wait and see and hope


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!