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Tribe Star
Those Tribal Moments

All About Those Much Loved (or hated) Tribal Moments!


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LEX AND ZANDRA - an unlikely couple?

Lex married Zandra at the end of series 1. However when Lex had the virus he admitted it wasn't real love although just before the end that seemed to change. Zandra was expecting Lex's baby but sadly she died in the explosion at Eagle Mountain.



Salene and Ryan got married at the same time as Lex and Tai-San. However their honeymoon was also ruined by the attack from the chosen. Salene was expecting their baby but she lost it because she fell down the stairs in the Mall


LEX'S SECOND MARRIAGE TO TAI-SAN - true love this time?

Lex and Tai-San got married at the end of series 2 in a double wedding with Salene and Ryan. However their honeymoon was ruined by the attack from the chosen.

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