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Tribe Star
Episode Reviews

So You Missed The Tribe?
Well Here's What Happened


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This page has got the episode reviews for the last episode of the Tribe and also up to two future episodes!!!
If you dodn't want to know what happens in the future don't scroll down!!!

Saturday 30th March 2002

. The Technos promote the new CityNet throughout the city, and Mouse and Sammy set about collecting PCs for the Mall. After some thought, Amber resolves to help the imprisoned Lex, but Trudy is unhappy about the decision. The Tribal leaders turn their back on Pride, preferring the `benefits' of the Techno invasion. Cloe thinks that she may be pregnant.

Sunday 6th April 2002- Episode 12

The Mall Rats have a war council meeting and Amber makes it clear that they need to gather hard evidence of the Technos' experiments on human subjects. Sammy manages to get footage of the experiments and is disturbed by what he sees in the labs. The rebels decide to share the footage with the city and hack into a Techno broadcast, but things do not go as planned.







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