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Tribe Star


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Trudy is played by Toni (Antonia Prebble)

Trudy made a dramatic entrance to the tribe when she arrived in the Mall pregnant, and went straight into labour! Trudy was always jealous of people who got close to Bray. She hated Salene for a long while after she spotted them kissing.

Trudy was kidnapped by the Chosen, who worship Zoot, and brainwashed into becoming the Supreme Mother. She helped the Chosen destroy the Mall Rats, and control the city. She is now reformed, and a true Mall Rat. Trudy's best friends are Amber and Salene. She has had no relationships so far. Bu before the virus, she was with Zoot and Bray. Trudy seems to need time off from caring for Brady. With this time she likes to relax, read a book and enjoy herself. Trudy main strengths are her kind and caring nature.

Also she is a natural mother to baby Brady. Trudy main weakness is that she is not mental strong. She has can become very jealous and find it hard to trust. Also she betrayed the Mall rats when she became a member of the chosen due to being not mental strong

Before the virus hit the world, Trudy fancied Zoot. Trudy became obsessed with her daughter's uncle, Bray. She then became over this obsession and betrayed the tribe. She kept this soft spot for Bray, but she became the supreme mother and started falling for the Guardian.