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Tribe Star


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Bray is played by Dwayne Cameron.

Bray is lucky to have family in The Tribe, Zoot, Brady and Trudy. Bray came to the Mall along with a pregnant Trudy in series 1. They were voted out, but later allowed to stay after Trudy gave birth. Bray was a real loner to begin
with, but soon made friends.

He was a big hit with the girls, including Amber, Salene, Trudy, Ebony and even Zandra! At first Bray was thought to be Brady's father, but it later turned out that Zoot was the dad, who is Bray's brother!

Bray got together with Amber, who died in series 2, then he got together with Danni, who went missing in series 3, but luckily Bray found Amber alive!

They got back together, then Amber got pregnant, she went into labour and Bray was left to deliver it.

Who knows where things will go from there on? Brays main strengths are to plan and lead. He shown his leadership
best when he was the lead rebels fight the chosen. He also has a strong caring side and tried to do the best for people, he showed this best by trying to find a home for Trudy when she was pregnant

His main weakness is the love of his life, Amber, and also Danni and maybe Brady. He would give up anything for her and when she was thought to be dead, he nearly gave up being apart of his tribe, The Mall Rats. Before the tribe
Bray is meant to have been with Trudy and then Ebony. But when the virus hit, Bray has once kissed Salene in series 1. Also he has been in love with Danni. However his heart has always been with the love of his life Amber in S1 then 3.

Bray has kissed the most people in the tribe; Amber, Danni, Salene, Trudy and Ebony!

Dwayne Cameron, the actor who plays Bray has been involved with many commercials include an now infamous Skittles advert to tribe fans. He has also had parts in William Shatner Twist in the tale, where he started as a
character called Chris. Also he has parts in Amazon high and One of them.