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Tribe Star

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Jack is played by Michael Wesley Smith.

Jack was the first person to live in the Mall. His dad owned the electric shop, where Jack had lived ever since the virus. He let Amber, Dal, Salene, Patsy, Cloe and Paul stay with him in the Mall, but wasn't sure about Lex, Ryan and Zandra, so trapped them in the grills. Jack was quite well off in his mall. He had real beds, with quilts and feather pillows, lucky Mall Rats! He also had a huge food store, and a good supply of batteries and electric appliances.

Jack has always been the nerdy type, and in series 2, fell in love with farm girl Ellie. Jack was sent away by the Chosen on episode 1 of series 3, but later returned, heartbroken to find Ellie and Luke (from the Chosen!) were a couple.

Jack's loves to invent things, and do things scientifically. He can sometimes get annoyed by Tai-San always wanting to use natural and spiritual things.

Jack's best friend has always been Dal, who was killed sadly by the Chosen, and died in Amber's arms. But Jack gets on well with everyone from the tribe, so who knows who will be his next best friend?

Jack isn't sure whether or not he will stay in the Mall. So we will have to wait until series 4 to find out. He was seen with Ellie,who was pouring her heart out to him about Luke. Will they get back together?

Michael Wesley Smith, the actor who plays Jack will soon be appearing in Cloud 9's, Atlantis High, which will be screening on Channel 5, this Autumn. Michael's main hobbies include sport as he likes golf ,swimming, and soccer. He also likes to relax playing the sony playstation. Michael has had experience in radio plays and has also had a part in The Legend of William Tell.

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