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Tribe Star


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Ebony is played by Meryl Cassie.

Ebony was first shown in the tribe as leader of Loco's along with Zoot. Ebony is cold hearted but in series 2 she reveals she has feelings. Ebony left the Loco's after they threw her out as she went soft over Bray! She tried her best to get Bray but people always got in the way, Amber,Trudy and Danni.

Ebony thought that in series 3 she would have a chance with Bray, but when they others found Amber alive, Ebony was found out. She faked Amber's death then pretended she had a baby with Bray! Now Ebony is leader of the whole city, and has sent Amber and Bray away. What will she do next? And does she still like Bray, or maybe Luke, only series will have the answers… Ebony knows what she wants and will do everything to get it. She has shown this by becoming a mall rat leader with Bray.

Spike kidnapped her and we saw how she didn't like to be locked away. Also she has shown her love for Bray as sometimes the can cloud her judgement. Ebony was Zoot's woman, and also before the virus she has been out with Bray