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Tribe Star


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Tai-San is played by Michelle Ang.

Tai-San arrived in the Mall after she rescued Cloe from the Loco's. At first Tai-San didn't really fit in, and Zandra hated her a lot as she was jealous of her and Lex. Tai-San is the Mall Rats spiritual guide.

Tai-San is into herbs and the spiritual way of life. Her position in the tribe is maker/creator of the antidote, and also the herbalist.

Tai-San finally found love in series 2, when she fell for bad boy Lex. She and Lex were a very unlikely couple, but grew close after the whole Chosen thing.

Tai-San hobbies include feng shui and herbal medicines. Tai-San doesn't believe in the scientific side of life and is always replacing scientific medicines etc with a mixture of her won herbs. Tai-sans main strengths are being very strong minded and knowing what she wants.

An example of this is when she made sure no one harmed the Guardian in series 3, when everyone thought he was mentally ill. This also showed how caring she is. Even though her strong mindedness is strength it can also be her main weakness. Tai-San can stick to her beliefs if in greatest danger.


Michelle Ang, the actress who plays Tai-San loves to sing, dance and going shopping. She spends a lot of her time going out with friends. She also enjoys dancing and writing poems. Michelle is trained in ballet, and has had television experience in William Shanter's twist in the tale.